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Parents please note : if your child has a nut allergy please contact the office on 0499522992 as soon as possible. Please also inform the class teacher.




Active Achievements Board

As part of our Active School's flag targets, and in line with the ethos of the school, the Convent of Mercy wish to encourage and celebrate the active achievements of each child in the school, whether it be swimming a length of the pool, mastering roller blades for the first time or keeping a hula hoop going for more than a minute!

Children have the opportunity to record their achievement at home and it will be proudly displayed on the Active Achievements notice board.

The children will be rewarded with a certificate at the end of each term.




Term 2 - Active Achievement Certificates


Junior Infants                     Senior Infants

        First Class                  Second/Third Class


Third/Fourth Class                Fifth/Sixth Class