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Parents please note : if your child has a nut allergy please contact the office on 0499522992 as soon as possible. Please also inform the class teacher.




 School Calendar


School Calendar 2017/2018

Term 1

Opening 1st Term                                   Wednesday 30th August 2017

Mid-term Break      School Closing              Friday 27th October 2017

                                School Re-opening        Monday 6th November 2017

Christmas:-              School Closing              Friday 22nd December 2017

Term 2

                                School Re-opening         Monday 8th January 2018

Mid-term Break       School Closing              Wednesday 14th Feb. 2018

                                School Re-opening          Monday 19th Feb. 2018

St Patrick’s Day       Bank Holiday                 Monday 17th March 2018

Easter                      School Closing                Friday 23rd March 2018

Term 3

                                School Re-opening           Monday 9th April 2018

Bank Holiday            School Closed                 Monday 7th May 2018

Bank Holiday           School Closed                 Monday 4th June 2018   

Closing 3rd Term                                             Friday 22nd  June 2018

*There may be further school closures due to In-service Training for teachers but school have not yet been furnished with those dates from the Department of Education and Science.


Parents/Guardians Please Note:-

Education (Welfare) Act 2000

The National Education Welfare Board was established to ensure that each child

6 to 16 years of age attends a recognised school (i.e. Section 17 Compulsory School Attendance). Under section 21 of the act, the Principal of a school is obliged by law to inform the Education Welfare Officer where a child is absent for an aggregate of 20 days or more in a school year.  An Education Welfare Officer has been appointed for the Convent of Mercy N.S., Catchment area.