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Zoom Boom Kids

2015 Zoom Boom
This year the girls in third - sixth class have the opportunity to participate in this very active and enjoyable programme for a period of 6 weeks. The programme promotes co-ordination and strengthening of the core muscles. 

Check out Zoom Boom Kids www.zoomboomkids.com and learn how to inject more physical activity into your child's life.

Previouly the children in Mrs. Murphy's second and third class were given the opportunity to participate in a new initiative called
 ‘My Home PE’. This is an exciting online tool designed to facilitate children along with their Parents/Guardians to partake in regular physical activity, outside of school hours, using cool interactive technology. 



   An information night was held in                          Brenda Cassidy
  January. A great number of                      (One of our parent community
       parents attended                             
and founder of ‘My Home PE’)
After successfully completing six weeks of the 'My Home PE' programme, Brenda came back to visit the girls in second and third class.

She presented the girls with skipping ropes, pedometers and t-shirts, as a token of her appreciation in their hard work and dedication in piloting the programme