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 Green Schools

Green Schools Biodiversity Flag

Presentation 2018

Congratulations to the Convent of Mercy N.S school Children who received their 5th Green Flag for Biodiversity.  Well Done to all involved! 

Flag  5 

Biodiversity is the fifth flag for the Green Schools programme. As with the previous themes, Biodiversity cross-cuts and integrates with the rest of the themes in many ways.  

looks at steps which can be taken to increase awareness of the importance of native plants, animals and habitats, and to increase species-richness in a locality.

Building our Willow Hut

Green-Schools is an international environmental education programme and award scheme that promotes and acknowledges long-term, whole school action for the environment.
The Green-School Programme is a themed programme, which is addressed one at a time, and a flag will be awarded to the school for each.

The themes in sequence are:
Litter & Waste, Energy, Water, Travel and Healthy Living


Flag 1 – Litter and Waste 
Between 2008/2010 we participated in the Litter and Waste programme, securing our first flag in 2010.

Flag 2 – Energy Flag

During 2010/2012 we maintained our Litter and Waste flag and secured the Energy flag in 2012.

Flag 3 - Water

* News update May 2014*
On return to school after the Easter break, the Green Schools committee announced that we had secured the Water flag and maintained  both Litter and Waste and Energy flags.
Great achievement !

Mrs T. Gilleran, Mrs Clarke and members of
the Green School committee receive the
Third Flag for Water.


Some activities undertaken during 2012/2013:

Water action day

Water safety day held

Various competitions held regarding Green School activities.

Meetings are held monthly







Clean up

Visit from the Litter Warden

The school committee organised a series of talks by various guest speakers for example:

Alison Traynor - 'The good, the bad and the ugly'

Mrs Clancy & her daughter Leah - '14 Steps - Water Safety'

Sinead Fox - 'Belturbet Reservoir'

Home Energy Survey

We conducted a 'Home Energy Survey and were very pleased with the results, which were collated and are now displayed in pie chart form on the Green Schools board.