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Parents please note : if your child has a nut allergy please contact the office on 0499522992 as soon as possible. Please also inform the class teacher.





3rd/4th Class
We were working on creating our own Neolithic Kerbstones inspired by our visit to Brúna Bóinne, Newgrange.  We carved neolithic motifs such as triscals, chevrons, lozenges and spiralsonto our stones before painting them.


First Class
 Musical Instruments

First class have been working hard making colourful percussion instruments. 


Peer Assisted Learning Strategies or PALS is used to help improve our reading and comprehension. 


First Class enjoyed making Rice Krispie buns as part of Science in class.  Yum yum!!


Junior Infants have been busy!!
Look at our lovely Valentine's cards 

Autumn 2015

Junior Infants have been out and about visiting their tree - The Mighty Oak Tree!!! All decked out with coats and high-viz jackets the children enjoyed their first nature walk along the River Erne to look for signs of Autumn. They are already looking forward to their return in the Springtime!

Senior Infants begin ÁISTEAR ! 
  In the role-play area they dressed up as witch and wizards to make magic potions! They also played Halloween games and made fun Halloween pictures.

First Class have great fun learning about Science through Taste Testing!!. They made buttery and salty popcorn. They described it using all five senses.

Second & Third Class Maths Trail - exploring maths in their environment !

Third and Fourth Class used water colours, glue and salt to create very eye-catching art work!

Fifth & Sixth Class visit the local Library where they had the pleasure of speaking to Nicola Pierce all about some of her well known novels including 'City of fate', 'Spirit of the Titanic' and 'Behind The walls'.